Cognitive Tasks

Joggle Research offers a core set of eight tasks covering a range of cognitive domains. The initial offering includes the following tasks:

Video preview Task name Cognitive domain Brain regions primarily recruited Number of peer-reviewed references Average adminstration time

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Motor Praxis Task (MPT)
Participants are to quickly touch ever-shrinking boxes. Each time a new box appears in a different location on the screen.
Sensory Motor Speed Sensorimotor Cortex 62 .5 min

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Visual Object Learning Task (VOLT)
Participants first memorize a set of 3-dimensional Euclidean shapes. During recall, participants are to distinguish between the initial shapes mixed with ten distractor shapes.
Visual learning and spatial working memory Medial Temporal Cortex - Hippocampus 657 1.7 min

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Participants are shown images one at a time and are to identify images that occurred “n” trials ago.
Working memory Dorsolateral prefrontal Cortex, Cingulate, Hippocampus 890 1.9 min

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Abstract Matching (AM)
Participants select pairs of shapes that fit with another shape.
Abstraction Prefrontal Cortex 1650 2.4 min

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Line Orientation Task (LOT)
Participants are shown two lines at different angles, and are to rotate one line incrementally until it is parallel to the other.
Spatial orientation Right Temporo-Parietal Cortex, Visual Cortex 171 2.1 min

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Digital Symbol Substitution Task (DSST)
Participants touch the number paired to the symbol that matches the current target symbol.
Complex scanning and visual tracking Temporal Cortex, Prefrontal Cortex, Motor Cortex 580 1.6 min

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Balloon Analog Risk Task (BART)
Participants inflate balloons of unknown popping probability to obtain the highest reward. Each pump increases the potential reward. The potential reward is lost if the balloon pops.
Risk decision making Orbital frontal Cortex, Amygdala, Hippocampus, Anterior Cingulate Cortex 65 2.3 min

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Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT)
Participants are to quickly respond to the sudden appearance of stimuli inside a box and avoid responding prematurely.
Vigilant attention Prefrontal Cortex, Motor Cortex, Visual Cortex 769 3.2 min