Research-grade cognitive testing on the iPad

Joggle Research enables researchers to use the iPad for scientifically recognized cognitive tests, providing instant access to result data through our secure cloud-based web interface.

Accurately capture, record, and score touch-based cognitive tasks

Easy access to store and retrieve cloud-based result data

Simple to set up and run a new study

Scalable from small to very large research studies

Evolution in cognitive testing

Joggle Research is a neurobehavioral measurement tool leading a new generation of touch-based tasks evolved from a long history of scientifically validated cognitive tests, from paper-based to desktop applications. Joggle Research is easy to implement for both small budget projects as well as large-scale studies.

Simple to use

Immediately use your trial Joggle Research Membership with its pre-configured preview study. Researchers can run the core battery of cognitive tasks to understand how the system works. Research organizations can upgrade to a paid Membership to configure and customize their studies.

How to get started

  • Start a trial Joggle Research Membership for your organization
  • Get the Joggle Research iPad app from the App Store
  • Begin using the built-in Preview study


Joggle Research extends its legacy of producing high precision cognitive tests for high profile academic research such as the recent Mars 500 space flight simulation mission and tests performed by astronauts on the International Space Station. These applications have been used by top 25 research universities in the United States, several branches of the United States military, Fortune 500 companies and several agencies of the U.S. Department of Transportation including aviation and trucking. The JOGGLE® platform is currently being used to design cognitive tests for future space flight studies.

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